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Since then, her mission has been numerous and she is represented among other things at the State Art Council, county councils and municipalities, the Royal house private collection, companies and private collections in some thirty countries.

For the last 14 years, Dorina Mocan has mostly worked for the Asia market with recurring exhibitions in Hong Kong and Singapore.

A commitment that led to the Swedish exhibitions being more rare. After being awarded a jury prize earlier this year in the prestigious international portrait competition Portrait Now in Denmark, it is now time for a long-standing appearance in the home municipality. Her poetry seems to me to be more physical than intellectual. We must perceive the objects through the feelings they awake with us. She introduces us into a new world that is both magical and dilapidated, a world far in the distance, seen through dreams and rites.

Nothing more, nothing less than what the world requires of us today. For many years he had his base on Gotland, but since 5 years back in Uttersberg, where he and Dorina now own a property with good working spaces for both of them. They bring to life a deeply rooted feeling for the stone as a natural phenomenon, as a surface and shape, tempting to touch.

At the same time they are undoubtedly created by a human hand and a human intellect whose minds and experiences crossing mine. And this is precisely at this point of intersection as the meaningful artwork occurs. Any questions? Do you want your event in our calender? Send your event to: event myguide2stockholm. Accommodation Activities Events Stor. Menu Events. By Helena Olofsson on January 6, Candela electric speedboat wins prestigious International Award. Postad 5 months sedan 0.

Postad 6 months sedan 0. Contact Any questions?After returning home, he attended the Art Institute of Chicago and later, worked as the Art Director and then Creative Director for four Advertising firms, one of which was his own.

In Billy set up his studio in Santa Barbara, California where to this day he continues to works with acrylic and found metal on wood and canvas. His award winning paintings have been featured in museums and art institutions all over the country and are acquired by national and international collectors alike.

Described as an intuitive painter, Billy is inspired by the visceral slices of sand-yellow-earth colors, inhabited by figures of a temporal quality, not on the land, but locked into and a part of the land that nourishes us.

Didier Lourenco. When I look around me, I get the feeling that I would like to live life at a slo Alina Maksimenko. About Alina Maksimenko was born in in Kiev, Ukraine. In she studied in Art School named after T.

Great exhibition with Dorina Mocan and Christer Lönngren

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Rezervari: De cele mai multe Teodor Mihali, nr. Locurile sunt limitate. Va asteptam cu drag! In perioada febr. Pretul de lei include: transport din Cluj, cazare 2 nopti, demipensiune. Locurile in autocar si la cazare se acorda in ordinea inscrierii. Am petrecut in Satul de vacanta Ic Ponor-Padis o minivacanta de iarna adevarata alaturi de un grup de oameni frumosi si plini de viata.

Multumim celor care ne a Va invitam cu drag la evenimentele noastre viitoare: 10 anuarie Microrevelion Grand Hotel Napoca Cluj 26 ianuarie Single Party 23 februarie Cupidon Party Rezervari: Pentru ca multi dintre cei sositi acasa de peste hotare ne-au rugat sa facem o repetitie generala inainte de sarbatori, va invitam sambata 15 decembrieor Va fi alatui de noi Trifan Adrian, DJ-ul nostru preferat.

In acest weekend am petrecut romaneste alaturi de un grup frumos. Alba Iulia ne-a primit in straie de sarbatoare si ne-am alaturat cu drag sutelor de mii de par Spre seara, dupa parada militara, ne-am retras la pensiunea inchiriata de noi pentru acest eveniment si am petrecut impreuna pana noaptea tarziu.

Multumim tuturor participantilor pentu acest week-end frumos si va invitam cu drag la urmatoarele noastre evenimente: Revelion in Muntii Apuseni, Mai sunt 3 locuri in autocarul care pleaca sambata dimineata la ora 8. Rezervari In perioada dec. Plecare va fi sambata dimineata din Cluj-Napoca si dupa ce vom sarbatori Ce Se vor acorda premii pentru cel mai frumos costum national sau accesoriu. Locurile sunt limitate!The Survey System uses significance levels with several statistics.

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dorina mocan facebook

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dorina mocan facebook

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dorina mocan facebook

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Dorina Mocan

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Картина дня. Dorina Mocan (1954, Romanian)

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